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About the TurboFB.com site

This site was the result of a few restless brainstorming e-mail threads on the TurboFB Yahoo Groups mailing list in April of 2002.  Although the Yahoo site offers a database, and some data was available there for parts interchange reference, the list decided it would be nice to offer a bigger "full meal deal" on the subject.

The wisdom of the TurboFB.com site has accumulated from several DIY-'ers.  Thanks to the following people for their ongoing contributions to the site, the wisdom, and the desire to assist others in their quest for a turbocharged Mazda RX-7.

David Randall
Jim Linnihan
David Lane
David New
Mike Harrington
Scott Lelievere


On June 30th 2009, I revived the TurboFB.com site. Starting where David Randall left off, I would like to continue collecting the wisdom of the community. My ideas are to possibly expand the site to include a photo gallery and/or a Wiki. If you have any ideas or information to add to this site, please left me know.

John Schubert