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TurboFB Vendors

Here is a list of vendors we have used to assist in the process of building a Turbo 1st Generation Rx7.

Corksport - www.corksport.com Engine Importer

Atkins Rotary - www.atkinsrotary.com Supercharger kits and EFI computers.  Also has 20B cores available regularly.

Hayes Rotary Engineering - www.hayesrotary.com Engine Builder, also completed a turnkey supercharged 1st Gen.

Pineapple Racing - www.pineappleracing.com Engine Builder

Wolf EMS North America - www.wolfems.com Distributor of Wolf 3D EFI Computers

Jap Performance - Australian Importer for Rx7 front clips

Rx7.COM - Haltech dealer

Used parts sources on the web

The Parts Trader - www.thepartstrader.com  (View the "Mazda Rotary" section)

Rx7 Club / Forum - www.rx7club.com A site dedicated to many aspects of rotary vehicles, including free classified ads.

Atkins Rotary - www.atkinsrotary.com lists used parts from time to time.  Also provides some parts via E-bay under the ebay name Kaffy16.

Ebay - www.ebay.com Large listing of RX-7 specific parts.  Search with the string "(rx-7,rx7)" without the quotes to return all items with either rx-7 or rx7 in the title.  Enabling the checkbox "search in titles and descriptions" will generally add aftermarket parts such as carpet sets, headlamp replacements, stick shift knob replacements, stickers, wheels, tires, and many generic aftermarket automotive products.

Hemmings Motor News - www.hemmingsmotornews.com - A decidedly "upscale" site offering fully restored vehicles, low mileage vehicles and specialty cars, occasionally a nice Rx7 will be listed along with a mated parts car.  Prices range greatly for vehicles.  Some 1st Generation Rx7s are listed for $12,000 or more.

"Nickel" ads - many local areas provide a low cost advertising flyer that specifically caters to used vehicles or general classifieds.  These are great sources, as many people who "just want to get rid of that thing" in the backyard will sell their ailing RX-7 for a very low price.  Most often, $500 or less gets you a vehicle without a running engine, but can provide plenty of parts that would otherwise cost 2-3x as much if purchased piecemeal.  Some "Nickel" papers:  www.littlenickel.com, www.wheeldeals.com,